Wednesday, 13 April 2016

We were talking while walking to cave.I had no idea why he was telling us about all these other caves that we aren't going in but then he told us about the plant that can kill a deer. It was called New Zealand stinging nettle. As I enter the dark cave I could feel the cold hard rock on my hands.I could see the giant weta right above me.I could hear echoey drips of water that smelt like old hard sand.
The cave was as small as 5340 john deere tractor.
It was short but really interesting and i would suggest it everyone.

We were waiting for the rest of the convoy to arrive was really bored but then i saw a KenWorth m-700 coming up the road.All of a sudden there was and imaginary light bulb on top of my head.I ran up teh the fence And fist pumped at the driver and he Honked IT WAS LOUD like a train horn actually. Then i saw a big smile on my friends faces so they sat waiting with me then finally MAN TRUCK d-cab 654 came rushing up the hot and steamy road.WE all Fist pumped and HonNNNNNK.i could see the driver smiling.i could feel the wind rushing off the big Kenworth.I could smell the steam escaping really fast off the road and onto my face.I could hear The big air horn honking!🚚

I was the second to last person to do the my shooting. so I was not happy on that.but then my turn came around.I was quite confident because i have used guns before and I was more confident because I have my own gun.
I could see the small target in the distance it was hurting my eye looking at all the numbers so I pretended it was a rabbit.I could hear the little metallic chinks of the gun as it shoots.I                   could smell the dinosaur shaped fluffy animals in distance behind me.

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